Green Wellbeing Project Update

Much of the Green Wellbeing work was developed during 2022 under the name of Community Climate Awareness and Action Project (CCAAP). However, learning from this and our green health volunteering work clarified the need to bring these areas of work together and with a name and approach that supported people to engage from different starting points; perspectives and priorities – e.g. health/wellbeing; conservation and environmental improvements; climate action – hence “Green Wellbeing”.

The GWP will offer a range of exciting opportunities from April 2023, subject to resources. We are set to publish a series of digital “Community Green Wellbeing Guides” for North Lanarkshire, which will help CVS organisations and the public better understand green wellbeing and the complementary actions they can take to improve health through activities related to the natural environment and climate. Our bespoke “Community Green Wellbeing Champions” training will also be available to train volunteer champions, who will be recruited through various community routes, with young people being our priority during 2023.

Once trained, our Green Wellbeing Champions will facilitate community conversations in different settings and with different community groups to increase interest, awareness, and action. They will also encourage and support green wellbeing action at individual, household, group, and community levels. This includes activities such as walking, gardening, food growing with healthy eating support, and conservation and environmental improvements.

We will also be providing support on funding for community green wellbeing activities and volunteering, including promotion and matching of roles.

If this is something you might be interested in, please contact our Green Wellbeing Officer at